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Use and Interpretation of Results:  Both Pearson and the examinee understand that the results from these Field Tests hold limited utility for assessing students’ level of content mastery.  Test questions that undergo field testing may or may not prove to be appropriate for inclusion on actual operational assessments.  Field testing, a critical step in the test development process is used to evaluate each test question and corresponding content, not assess the student’s ability.  In addition, the design of these Field Tests requires different students to be administered different sets of items.  For these reasons, the examinee should interpret the results that Pearson provides in the Field Test Reports with extreme caution.

Confidentiality:  The examinee and its affiliates agree to keep all test questions, documentation, reports, and technology (“Test Materials”) confidential to the best of its ability.  Pearson agrees to use test results and data–combined with results from the other examinees–only for the purpose of creating psychometrically sound assessments.  The examinee agrees that Confidential Information disclosed by Pearson to the examinee shall not be revealed or disclosed to any third party at any time.